Elliott Test Kitchen

Elliott Test Kitchen logoElliott Test Kitchen is located in historic downtown Fort Madison, Iowa, and it is also the home of Test Kitchen Education Foundation.

The benefits students derive from Elliott Test Kitchen are invaluable. They are as follows:

  • Students will be provided with a safe place to gather after school.
  • Volunteer educators will be on site to assist students with ┬ánecessary homework assignments.
  • Students will be provided with modern technology to fulfill their education needs free of charge.
  • Students will be encouraged to pursue higher education by preparing them for necessary college entrance exams and assistance in preparing college entrance applications.
  • Dining together with all of the participants at the conclusion of each program session will provide students with a relaxing environment.
  • Area business community participation in the program will inspire students to pursue further education and create awareness of career opportunities.
  • Students will be presented with great culinary lessons to take home for their families.


Details to be announced.

Culinary Events and Classes

Elliott Test Kitchen offers culinary lessons for individuals and groups. This can be in the form of a classroom setting or a fun activity for a group in a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, students who are interested in a culinary career can assist in meal preparation for other students. For details, please contact us.